Improve Patient Experiences, Support Happier, More Productive Clinicians — and Reveal
Immense Savings in Your Hospital Process — With Effective Hospital Asset Management

Process Improvements That Positively Impact Patients and Staff

Freeing up clinicians to focus on patient care leads to improved outcomes — for everyone. Our onsite medical equipment management experts ensure hospital assets move faster, smarter and smoother throughout your hospital and are inspected and cleaned between use.

Poor Device Management is Wasting Your Time and Money

Every day, nurses spend hours hunting for infusion pumps and other equipment. Hospital beds litter the hallways. Supply chain teams buy and rent excess equipment. And clinical engineering is tasked to fix equipment — that’s not actually broken. The result? Frustrated staff, unhappy patients and a repetitive cycle of wasted hours and costs.

The Right Equipment, in the Right Place, at the Right Time
With Better Medical Equipment Management

Agiliti offers integrated medical equipment management programs that align clinical and supply chain teams to rapidly increase utilization rates. Clinical staff get the equipment they need while supply chain right-sizes inventory, reduces the need for rental and optimizes biomed equipment spending. We manage the entire process, including pickup, delivery, cleaning, maintenance, recalls, inventory level management and more for all movable medical equipment, including infusion pumps, beds, vents and specialty equipment.

Drive Measurable Improvements

Increase Clinician Time at the Bedside

Ensure the right equipment is in the right place, so nurses can focus on patient care

Improve Equipment Utilization

Right-size equipment inventory and respond in real time to volume demands

Boost Patient and Clinician Satisfaction

Reduce specialty equipment downtime and other care delays that frustrate patients and clinicians

One Point
of Contact

Leverage a single onsite contact for optimum efficiency and visibility from request to pickup

Medical Equipment Management Portfolio

Medical Equipment Management

Comprising 90% of inventory, movable medical equipment (MME) is challenging to manage efficiently. With our consistent onsite processes, we can deliver efficiency and savings for a single department, whole facility or entire IDN.

Surgical Equipment Repair and Maintenace

Ensure your essential surgical equipment and instruments are serviced quickly and to the highest quality standards (ISO 13485:2016). With nationwide onsite and depot repair capabilities, we offer the industry’s most extensive surgical equipment repair services – at a fraction of OEM service costs – to deliver immediate savings and maximize the useful life of surgical instruments, rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes and power tools.

Surgical Laser and Equipment Management

Agiliti ensures prompt delivery of surgical lasers and ultrasound machines to your OR. We offer case management, safe laser operation services with certified medical laser technicians and ongoing testing and maintenance.

Surgical Laser and Technology Services

Access state-of-the-art surgical laser rental devices – covering all major modalities – or take advantage of our tech-only services to ensure your own surgical laser equipment is used safely and effectively. We also offer dedicated onsite and multi-site laser management programs to increase patient throughput and maximize return on your surgical technology investments.

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Foundational for Equipment Value Management


Our onsite hospital asset management services unburden staff and reduce equipment costs — but these services alone don’t address the spectrum of nursing efficiency, equipment utilization or service cost reduction needs. Agiliti offers an approach called Equipment Value Management (EVM) that fixes processes within your hospital to multiply cost savings and deliver valuable clinical improvements.