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Explore three contributing factors making hospital bed maintenance more challenging for healthcare facilities and what that means for biomedical teams.
| 4 MIN
Thanks to the pandemic, burnout within healthcare facilities has never been higher. And it’s not just clinicians who are feeling the pain. But hope is not lost. Read on to see how some healthcare networks are addressing the problem.
| 3 MIN
The evolution of patient monitoring; the impacts of COVID-10 on monitoring; wireless patient monitoring; securing operating platforms from cyberattacks; and HTM training opportunities. These topics are all covered in this roundtable discussion.
| 2 MIN
As the year comes to an end, most attention shifts to what’s next: trends, predictions, expectations and challenges. But before we look ahead to 2020, we’re taking a look back at some of the biggest news from 2019. Here are five to keep in mind as you start a new year working in healthcare.
| 5 MIN
Are the increased costs and risk across a healthcare organization, including patients and staff, worth a cent saved on a line item basis? The answer should always be no – but that’s not always the case. Part 4 of a 4-part series exploring the gaps surrounding medical equipment quality.
| 6 MIN